OK, So now you have a license. What's next ??


We are offering a one evening class, "Whats Next", that will get you on the air and active.

Repeater Operation

What is simplex

What are the conventional splits and frequencies used

How to access the local repeater system

How some local repeaters are linked

Where the local repeaters are located

Hand Helds

The advantages and disadvantages of Hand Helds

How to program the most popular Hand Helds

What are subaudible tones




What nets are held on the local repeaters

How to check into a net



HF Operations

Equipment and antennas needed to get on HF.

Advancement to General.



Location: The Village at Summerville
201 W 9th N Street
Summerville, SC 29483

Date: July 23rd

Time: 6PM to 9PM

Registration: Tom Lufkin W4DAX 843-442-5650