Trident Amateur Radio Club Tuesday Evening Net

The Tuesday evening two meter voice net is held at 8PM on the linked repeater system.

If you check in please hold the mike button down for 2 Seconds to let the repeaters link up.

Please speak slowly and use phonetics.

Let Net control know if you are "in and out", or if you will stick around for the rag chew protion.

If you would like to be a control operator please let Tom W4DAX know

Scheduled Upcoming Net Control Operators are:


18th K4TCP /W4BFZ

25th W4BFZ / KW4NO


1st KW4NO /W4DAX

8th W4DAX/ AJ4UQ

15th AJ4UQ / W4KBN

22nd W4KBN /K4DLE

29th K4DLE / K4TCP


5th K4TCP / W4BFZ

12th W4BFZ / KW4NO

19th KW4NO / W4DAX

26th W4DAX / AJ4UQ


3rd AJ4UQ / W4KBN

10th W4KBN / K4DLE

17th K4DLE / K4TCP

24th K4TCP / W4BFZ

31st W4BFZ / KW4NO


7th KW4NO /W4DAX

14th W4DAX/ AJ4UQ

21st AJ4UQ / W4KBN

28th W4KBN /K4DLE


5th K4DLE / K4TCP

12th K4TCP / W4BFZ

19th W4BFZ / KW4NO

26th KW4NO / W4DAX

JANUARY - 2018

2nd W4DAX / AJ4UQ

9th AJ4UQ / W4KBN

16th W4KBN / K4DLE

23rd K4DLE / K4TCP

30th K4TCP / W4BFZ


6th W4BFZ / KW4NO

13th KW4NO /W4DAX

20th W4DAX/ AJ4UQ

27th AJ4UQ / W4KBN


6th W4KBN /K4DLE

13th K4DLE / K4TCP

20th K4TCP / W4BFZ

27th W4BFZ / KW4NO


3rd KW4NO /W4DAX

10th W4DAX/ AJ4UQ

17th AJ4UQ / W4KBN

24th W4KBN /K4DLE


1st K4DLE / K4TCP

8th K4TCP / W4BFZ

15th W4BFZ / KW4NO

22nd KW4NO /W4DAX

29th W4DAX/ AJ4UQ


5th AJ4UQ / W4KBN

12th W4KBN /K4DLE

19th K4DLE / K4TCP

26th K4TCP / W4BFZ


3rd W4BFZ / KW4NO

10th KW4NO /W4DAX

17th W4DAX/ AJ4UQ

24th AJ4UQ / W4KBN


7th W4KBN /K4DLE

14th K4DLE / K4TCP

21st K4TCP / W4BFZ

28th W4BFZ / KW4NO