The Trident Amateur Radio Club will be participating in the Museum Ships Weekend.

The club will activate the H L Hunley Confederate submarine.

In addition to activating the HL Hunley we are also activating the Little David - W4D.  This will be a simultaneous activation, one team working at the HL Humley site and another team working at the Little David site.

The activation date is June 6th and 7th of 2020.

HL Hunley                                              Little David

For details about the Museum Ships on the Air Weekend visit

We plan to activate the HL Hunley submarine for "Museum Ships".  We logged just under 1000 contacts in 2017 - help us set a new "personal best" this year!

This will be our first activation of the Little David for Museum Ships weekend!

Bands: Look for us on 20m and 40m, where our antenna works well.  We will try other bands throughout the event, if the antenna cooperates, but 20/40 is usually the best place to find us.

Modes: We'll be working SSB phone most of the time, but will give FT8 a try if the phone contacts run dry.

(We're serious about making 2020 our best year yet!  Please spot us if you work us. We like , or use your favorite spotting net.).

73 and happy hunting!
N4HLH and the W4D Radio Crew

For the HL Hunley we will operate from the boat yard adjacent to the Warren Lash Conservation Center, the home of the H L Hunley.

For the Little David activation we will be operating from the Old Santee Canal State Park.


For more information or to help contact us at