The Trident Amateur Radio Club (TARC) shall be organized to provide a venue for Amateur Radio Operators in the Greater Tricounty Area to meet, train, and assist each other in improving their operational and technical knowledge, skills, and experience in radio communications arts and sciences.


1) TARC shall provide or obtain permission to use a venue for members to physically meet on a regular basis.

2) TARC shall provide a radio repeater system for members to meet over-the-air.

3) TARC shall provide license instructors, examiners, and venues for licensing new amateurs and license upgrades of existing licensees.

4) TARC shall provide a training program at each regular meeting to provide members with an opportunity to learn additional operational and technical knowledge.

5) TARC shall provide a regular venue to provide operational hands-on experience in radio communications.


1) TARC shall hold one general membership meeting every month.
2) TARC shall maintain two or more two meter repeaters.
3) TARC shall support license training and examining activities.
4) TARC shall provide a technical or operational brief at each regular meeting.
5) TARC shall support one operational activity per quarter.


TARC recognizes, values, and encourages all aspects of amateur radio and believes amateur radio has room for those interested in public service, software, hardware, operations, science, technology, experimentation, innovation, management, leadership, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, competition, teaching, international friendship, emergency service, tailgate parties, radio spectrum management, and licensing administration, and gathering events such as breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners, parties, and field operations.