What is Amateur (or Ham) Radio?

Here is a excellent video about Amateur Radio and many aspects of the hobby



There are currently three classes of licenses available

The Technician License

The Technician class license is the entry-level license of choice for most new ham radio operators.
To earn the Technician license requires passing one examination totaling 35 questions on radio theory, regulations and operating practices.

The license gives access to all Amateur Radio frequencies above 30 megahertz, allowing these licensees the ability to communicate locally and most often within North America.

It also allows for some limited privileges on the HF (also called "short wave") bands used for international communications.

The General License

The General class license grants some operating privileges on all Amateur Radio bands and all operating modes.

This license opens the door to world-wide communications.

Earning the General class license requires passing a 35 question examination.

General class licensees must also have passed the Technician written examination.

The Amateur Extra License

The Amateur Extra class license conveys all available U.S. Amateur Radio operating privileges on all bands and all modes.

Earning the license is more difficult; it requires passing a thorough 50 question examination.

Extra class licensees must also have passed all previous license class written examinations.

How do I get an Amateur Radio License?

To obtain a Ham license you must pass an exam administered by a local Volunteer Examiner (VE) team.

The Trident Amateur Radio Club sponsors the W4VEC exam team.

The W4VEC team admisisters all exams on the third Wednesday of each month at the Masonic Lodge in Goose Creek, SC at 7PM

The exam cost is $12 per session. Take as many exams as you can pass at each session.


Before coming to take the exam

1. Obtain an FRN

FRN can be obtained from the FCC's web site at COmmission REgistration System (CORES).

Upon registration, you will be assigned a FCC Registration Number (FRN).

This number will be used to uniquely identify you in all transactions with the FCC


2. Preregister for the exam session at veofsc.com

Please do not print the 605 form from the veofsc.com site. This form is out of date. Please use and print the one in Step #3 below.


3. Complete a VEofSC Form 605

Do not enter your SSN or email password on the Form 605

Bring this completed form to the test session

4. Bring two types of ID

Drivers License, Credit Card, Passport, CWP, or any picture ID


5. Bring twelve ($12.00) cash

Correct change is appreciated.


Licensing classes

The Trident Amateur Radio Club holds Technician Licensing Classes at various times during the year.

The scheduled class in January is now full.

For information and to sign up please contact Training@tridenthams.org


What do I study?

To study for the Technician exam you can purchase a license manual from the Trident Amateur Radio Club or purchase one online at ARRL.org

There are several on-line web sites where you can take the exams multiple times for practice and to determine if you are ready to take the actual test. Taking these exams several times will allow you to insure you are ready to pass the actual exam







www.hamradiolicenseexam.com/ ($$)