H L Hunley Commemorative Station N4HLH


Every February 17th will mark the anniversary of the sinking of the U.S.S. Housatonic by the submarine H. L. Hunley in Charleston SC.

This is the anniversary of the first successful sinking of a warship by a submarine.

The Trident Amateur Radio Club will be operating a special event station,

N4HLH, on February 17th from

the site of the launching of H L Hunley from Breech Inlet, on Sullivan's Island, SC

Sunrise Presbyterian Church
3222 Middle Street
Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

We will also operate from several home stations later in the evening so look for us later.

Proposed frequencies are 7.117(CW) 7.262, 14.262 and, for Technicians, 28.462 MHz.

We will also be listening on all the state wide two meter SCHeart repeaters so if you are a Technician class operator and don't have HF gear you can get a certificate also.

This is a special event station not a contest.

The SC HEARTS repeater system will be linked for the duration of the event.

To request QSL card send contact information to N4HLH / Trident Amateur Radio Club PO Box 60732 N Charleston, SC 29419

A QSL card will be sent upon receipt of a SASE for US requests. International requests, please send SAE and $2 USD (2 Green Backs).

Questions: Contact us at hunley@tridenthams.org
or call 843.608.4780


QSL Card