The 2018 Trident Amateur Radio Club Christmas Party

will be held on

Sunday evening, December 16th at St. James Place.
5 PM arrival time, and dinner will start at 6 PM.

216 Saint James Ave, Goose Creek, SC 29445


St. James Place Dinner Menu (PDF)

Please register with Tom, W4DAX via email at letting him know how many guests you will be bringing


We will have the traditional "Naughty Santa Gift Exchange" so bring a $15-$20 gift to exchange.

At the annual Christmas party, we play a game called Naughty Santa. There are different names for this game and different rules. The version we play is that we all bring a gift costing no more than $20.00. It can be a male or female gift and need not/should not be identified as such. They must be wrapped. Everyone gets a number when they come in and this number goes in a pot to be drawn out one by one to start the game. The first number drawn has choice of any gift on the table. The gift must be immediately opened and displayed for all to see. The second number is then drawn and that person has a choice of taking away any gift that has been opened or taking any gift that has not been opened. If the player takes a gift away from someone, that player must choose another gift. Either an unopened gift or take one from another player. You cannot take back the gift that was just taken from you. We continue until all gifts are opened. The maximum number of times that a gift can be taken away is three. When that gift has been taken away for the third time, the gift belongs to the one who took it away the third time. Try to be creative when choosing a gift, choose something that you would like to have so no one is disappointed.


The dress will be semi-formal. Pictures will be taken.