The Trident Amateur Radio Club sponsors a "Builders Group"

The purpose of this group is to foster and accommodate the art of DIY in Ham Radio. This group is available to new and experienced hams in the area.    Projects can vary anywhere from simple antenna construction to projects using microprocessors such as the PIC and Arduino.

The Builder's group meets whenever there is enough interest to build some antennas.

There is no cost or membership associated with this group. Everyone is welcome.

The group normally meets at Tom W4DAX's house at 108 Williamsburg Ct in Goose Creek

There is no normal meeting night.

If you have a desire to build something let Tom know and he will help you schedule a build session.

The session will be advertised to the hams in the area and they can join and build also.

   If you want to build an antenna, and have the materials, Tom's workshop can provide a convenient place to build.

There are also many members who can help you with the design or construction of various ham related projects.

From one of our previous sessions we built the 3 Element Tape Measure Yagi.

Tape Measure Beam List of materials


We normally have RG-8X coax and connectors for sale. We are currently out of coax and connectors

We also have the supplies to make a copper J-Pole 2 meter antenna. If you would like to watch or build an antenna you are more than welcome to attend.

If you are interested in building one or both of these great antennas please bring the following supplies:

5 - 6ft of 450 Ohm Ladder line
6 in of 3/4 heat shrink tubing with adhesive (optional)
Your choice of coax feedline (RG-8X is available for purchase at cost)
Matching connectors - PL-259 with proper reducer.

Copper J-pole:
1 - 10ft stick of 1/2 inch copper pipe (thin wall if you can get it)
1 - 1/2 in copper "T" connector
1 - 1/2 in copper elbow (90 degree)
2 - 1/2 in copper end caps (optional)
1 - SO-239 panel mount jack
Your choice of coax feedline (RG-8X is available for purchase at cost)
Matching connectors - PL-259 with proper reducer. (also available at cost)


These are great performing antennas and easy to make. Even if you don't build one you will be presented with the information on how to make one yourself. Let's get you on the air and active!

For additional info contact Tom W4DAX at 843.442.5650 or Ron K4TCP at 843.572.2307



Our favorite antenna to build

It is easy to build and works great


On Line Plans


The group also has available some materials required for building antennas including RG-8X and the connectors and adaptors associated with the 8-X.   This coax and associated adaptors are available to anyone in the area at cost. The purpose is to save local hams the shipping costs and the delivery time.

Coax $.33 a foot
$3.50 Connector and adapter
$40 for 100 ft of coax and two connectors and adapters

Anyone interested in learning more or purchasing coax and connectors can call the TARC club at 843.608.4780 or contact Tom W4DAX at 843.442.5650 or